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It's Really About You

Express yourself and feel confident doing it! That’s what Nicole Blair Wear is all about. Founded by Nicole Blair Busch, a certified personal stylist and self-described “shopaholic” and “fashionista,” Nicole Blair Wear is an image consulting service.

About Nicole

When it comes to exuding confidence and individuality, nobody does it better than Nicole Busch. Extroverted, energetic and enthusiastic, Nicole discovered a passion for fashion ― and her own personal style ― early on.

“Even as a child, I was interested in fashion, whether it was dressing up in my mother’s high heels or admiring my fourth grade teacher’s red nail polish,” Nicole says. “I’ve always loved trying new things which is why my personal motto is ‘embrace change’.”

From Fitness to Fabulous

Nicole began her career in the fitness industry, helping clients feel better in their own bodies by helping them get their bodies in better shape. “There’s an amazing change people go through when they work towards a goal and then achieve it,” Nicole says. “They gain a sense of confidence that makes them glow.”

She earned certifications from leading fitness organizations and began incorporating mind, body and meditation work into her training sessions to help her clients experience a more holistic transformation. She also became certified in sports nutrition, bringing yet another dimension to her capabilities.


Nicole maintains a strong network of other professionals, including hair stylists and make up specialists, who she can partner with to ensure you convey confidence from head to toe. Nicole is also highly knowledgeable about the best places to shop for apparel, accessories, shoes and more.